only in this job...

Sitting in Flute rehearsals, listening to some great singing and watching some super-smooth staging and tech movement. It's one of those afternoons when I'm amazed that I get paid for doing what I'm doing.

(Although I keep thinking how easy it would be to put a techno percussion track on this whole show and play it at a dance club with some trippy video... a project for another time, I'm afraid.)

It's been a busy weekend....three orchestral concerts, two Studio performances [more, but that's all I made it to], two Barns operas, more arrivals and departures than I can count. Today is relatively quiet and it's totally welcome. Watching these folks sing makes me realize how lucky we've been with singers and staff this summer, how well the singers play together, and how the summer has been fairly easy, all things considered. Tiring, but things could've been WAY harder.

Just a few more days until things get super quiet...not sure how I feel about that...


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