small changes...

From this......

to this.

Summer is officially over, and I have the hair to prove it.

Hair? foxy brown, kiddies.

Mood? WAAAAY better. Almost up to needed sleep quotient, had some hard but good talks with hubby...on the up-and-up.

Work? Sadly quiet, but productive. Looking forward to getting applications in and hearing auditions, but taking a break from opera to make mix cds - has anyone else noticed that the chord sequence in "keep the car running" by arcade fire sounds a little like Bruce Springsteen's "on the dark side"? Is it just me?

Steelers update? Kicked the Redskins' butts! (In pre-season, so it doesn't really count, but I'm enjoying it regardless.)

The autumn is shaping up to be a great blend of interesting work and fun time off. Hubby and I have some travel plans, and some projects to fix up the house. I worked the last concert of the season (may do a little bit on the musical load-in next week) and am back to a largely 9-5 schedule for a while. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family, learning how to use my stove again, signing up for some yoga/dance classes, and daydreaming about learning how to do something new... new signature dish? new dance move? new creative skill? new practical skill? I finally have a little time to figure it out...

(... after projections and financials and budgets are finished... just a little more spreadsheet time, and KW's done the lion's share so that should fly by tomorrow... I hope.)

Any recomendations? Recipes? Things I should try?


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