three steps ahead, five steps behind...

So I'm chasing the seasons again. It's the end of August, one of the warmest, ugliest days we'll see all year and I'm thinking about fall. Crisp air, wool sweaters, really good apples, snuggling weather. I tend to gravitate to fall as my personal New Year: it's a time to reflect on the summer's madness and make some notes about improving it for next year. It's the time to reconnect with hubby, and my totally ignored family and friends. (If they're still speaking to me.) Time to take control of my body, to take better care of myself. (Boy, it's sad that I have to set time aside to do that, but it's true.) Time to get organized, to purge my house and my head of those things that are harmful, wasteful or just taking up space.

And I'm ready. Totally ready, despite the fact that the season isn't finished, it's going to be 100+ degrees today, and it's mid-August.

I've been in a bit of a holding pattern lately, waiting for something to happen, to not feel so tired, to have to pull together with hubby to make a decision. We've been making lots of hypothetical decisions, which I think is good - those conversations are hard for me to instigate. But I can have all kinds of discussions for discussion's sake...

So, on today's agenda:
  • run errands: target, pet store, goodwill
  • spend some time with Hansel & Gretel - try to get the abbrev. score from OTNV
  • hit the gym
  • drop in @ work to play some piano and conspicuously wear my glasses...
  • find a new recipe for dinner
  • call some of the buddies I've been neglecting and make some catch-up dates
  • get a new book/magazine to read - just finished White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Any recs?
  • spend some time cleaning out the mental closet
  • make some promises to myself and set some structures into place to really try to get there.
That's plenty, I think. Gotta get a move on if I'm going to get even half of that list done. Maybe I should've put "tackle the hard tasks first" on the list...because you KNOW I'm heading to Tar-jay first...


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