transitions? not my thing.

Took today off work, and had a total meltdown.

Partially due to the end of the season...being overtired, trying to get back onto a schedule.

Partially due to skipping work today...i've been there so much lately that it feels a little weird not going in.

Partially due to finding possibly the cutest house ever, and falling in love with it. Going through all of the motions, figuring out mortgages and such. And getting into a huge squabble with hubby regarding said house.

Me: emotional. ready to start a family and not wanting to do so in my teeny house. wanting to move every 3-4 years, & having reached said limit in this house. wanting a house with neighbors who like each other and with room to have parties.

Hubby: rational. treats the decision as a business decision, and won't assume more risk than he thinks is sustainable. wants to build a nest egg, retire early, get a beach house.

Me: have never had a nest egg or a beach house. would like to retire early, but RIGHT NOW would like aforementioned pretty house. takes hubby's reluctance to go deeper in debt to mean that he doesn't want kids and we're trapped in this hole of a townhouse for the REST OF MY LIFE AND OMIGOD HOW DID I END UP LIKE THIS?!

Yeah, I'm no good at transitions. And hubby, for the record, is pretty good at talking the crazy lady down from the roof. Here's hoping for more perspective tomorrow.


Dr. Bobb said…
Okay, I'm behind the times, but take it from someone who's just spent a year in the "perfect" house that I fell in love with, which subsequently required TWO new roofs in as many months, costing all our savings and all my retirement money...leave your heart out of it when searching for a new home. Kids can adjust to anything as long as they're loved. The stingy Ricky Ricardo hubbies may make our lives temporarily miserable, but they have our best interests at heart (and if you act like you're playing along with their miserly schemes, you can get away with MURDER at the mall.)
rahree said…
i love you, bamm bamm.

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