early-morning ramblings

It's early. Still-dark-outside early.

Hubby is en route to a conference out of town. It's a bit of a double-edged sword: I certainly don't mind being alone. I like the quiet, the autonomy, the clicker all to myself (which never happens in real life!). But there really is a big hole in the fabric of home when he's away. I know that one of the big reasons that I'm ok with being alone is the strong foundation that we have together, and the network of friends and family that I can call on if something goes wrong or I need to talk. It's easy flying on the trapeze when you've a HUGE safety net.

Have had some sad news from friends lately...multiple friends, which is a little unnerving. Life has not turned out the way they'd hoped, and big changes are afoot. And, along with those big changes comes soul searching, heartbreak...lots of hard conversations. It's all for the best, but that doesn't make any of it any easier. I want to be able to support them, to give them some solace but I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm hoping that just being around, available and a little nebby will give them the opportunity to take what they need from me.

The real reason that this hits home so loudly for me is that I realize that there's very little different between us...some circumstances, some choices, sure. But could I wake up and find myself there, even if Hubby and I work at our relationship every day? Sure. Could I be living from paycheck to paycheck wondering if I'll be able to make rent? Absolutely. It's only a twist or two away.

There are many times that I'm sure that I come across as a Pollyanna here. But I really am thankful for a lot of things, and realize that I have it pretty good. And I owe it to the people around me to spread it around a little. Here's to being a catcher - being flexible, safe, and strong.

Okay. Last time I post before coffee. I promise.

On today's docket? A walk in the park and a light lunch with some girlfriends, some football on the tube, MOUNTAINS of laundry (how is it never done when there's only 2 of us?!), and a little bit of opera for work - clips of Volpone for a grant app and continuing to build the aural library for auditions. (First deadline is Monday, BTW. Get yer stuff in.)

Sun's coming up. Time for the Sunday paper and a little BBC. (How can the day be bad when you start it with those charming accents? Can't.) Hoping your timing is on today.

Update: had a GREAT walk/chat with a fabulous singer who is also good people. Sushi (not great sushi, but good for in-my-home sushi), a glass of vino, and a winning score for the Steelers. No laundry was done/harmed in the posting of this edit. But I did rediscover a favourite blog - check out the Chaucer link on the left.


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