• I don't know if it's karma or what, but I'm sitting at home with a cough, a sunburned nose and GORGEOUS weather. Am about to move out to the patio for some fresh air... it's good for invalids. I have to be thankful that I'm not singing anymore - it makes the rattling in my vocal mechanism way easier to handle.

  • And - karma again, I'm sure - Hubby is sicker than I. And it goes without saying, WAY whinier than I am. Because he is the only man to ever contract a cough and sniffles and IT'S JUST NOT FAAAAAAIIIIRRRRR. (Wait, that whining was me.)

  • I need to get a large list of operas that I'm unfamiliar with or not-quite-familiar-enough with into my ears before the end of next month. Since we don't cast until we hear everybody, this list really lives in a state of flux, mutating after every audition day. But I have to start somewhere, and it's a great excuse to clean my ears out! I will entertain suggestions, if anyone wants to educate me!

  • And the flip side of the coin, after listening to opera-opera-all-the-time-opera, I'll need some other, less intense rep to listen to. Am trying to assemble a playlist that revolves around the different cities we'll be in. On the list so far? Soul Coughing's "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago," Lyle Lovett's "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)," Suzanne Vega's "New York is a Woman," and a live version (from 1979 - I know you're jealous) of Billy Joel's "Vienna." (So maybe he wasn't talking about Virginia. But MAYBE HE WAS....) Again, I will happily entertain suggestions!

  • I am LOVING that YankeeDiva is recording the title role in Alcina. She's so cool... I can't wait to hear it!

  • Think Denk (I don't know him, but I do love his writing. And I hear that he can twinkle the ivories, too!) turned me on to this. With all the opera on my plate, is it any surprise that Rahree = hearer? And rehear? Wisdom, indeed.

C'est tout. Over and out.


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