In the 'shed.

After so many years in school, September is my New Years. Making resolutions to change behavior in January seems a little like cheating, like deciding halfway through wolfing down a pint of Hagen Daaz that you'll eat the rest by tiny spoonfuls, one-per-day. (which never works, by the way.)

So it's time to cut the fingernails and get back to playing a little every day. While I'm out-of-practice enough now to not call myself a singer anymore, and wasn't ever really at the place where I'd call myself a pianist, I do like to play. This is the first job I've had where I haven't depended on my playing [singer, voice teacher, choral music, church musician, pit player, conductor...need the piano for all those. Well, at least I did.] and I've found that I've lost a whole lotta skill. Terrifying, as I had very little to begin with! Time to get back to the basics: Bach so I don't mush everything together with the damper pedal, Czerny so that I can get patterns back into my hands, easy Debussy (damper pedal makes it sound soooo much better!), Chopin to stretch my tiny hands... and the big book of easy-cheesy classical hits to read through, starting at the beginning and just turning pages until I reach the end. And, of course, opera scores...starting at the overture and playing through the piece, singing along with the arias I know, humming parts of the ones I don't.

It's easier to do this humbling starting-over in the autumn, when all of the heart-breakingly gifted artists have left the building (with the exception of my boss!), when I'm not so nervous about someone good hearing me play/misread/make mistakes. It's a great time to take stock.

Fingernail clippers at the ready. Next to a book of Preludes and fugues. Rock on.


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