the irony and the ecstasy

Just got back from vacation in Florida, and was totally surprised to step out of the airport and have it be Fall. It was most definitely Summer in West Palm when we left. See for yourself.

Came home to beautiful weather (yay!), new couch cushions (yay!) that don't fit (bummer...) and several deposits of days-old cat puke (ew.). And hundreds of work emails (I know, wait until tomorrow to read them, stupid!) and - usually I'm pretty good at juggling lots of things - I dropped not one but two balls at work. And both just happened to hit the fan while I was gone. (Shit! ShitshitshitSHIT!) So, rather than taking tomorrow off to re-enter, I am going to work to fix the mess I left behind.

The warm fuzzies of vacay are gone, and now I'm feeling sad and stupid.

And sunburned.


More pictures and happy stories in a day or two. I promise.


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