The Scales of Justice...


It took a while. Lots of waiting, lots of misdirection from counsel, lots of not-talking-about-the-case during aforementioned waiting.

And a long talk with several strangers to decide a several-hundred-thousand-dollar lawsuit.

I hope to never have to be in court for anything (other than jury duty) again. But if I must, I have to say that I hope the jury takes it as seriously as we did.

I'm usually pretty comfortable with contradictions and ambiguity, but then most times I'm only responsible for me or for those I know really, really well. I couldn't believe how much more information I needed to feel secure... info that they didn't provide. And they provided WAY more information on other topics that I didn't need.

Enough, done.

Now, full speed ahead to auditions and grant applications and classes. And maybe, just maybe I'll actually get in to the office this week!!!


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