And we're off!

It's Saturday morning, and I'm up waaaaay too early.

It feels a little like the first day of school, and in many ways it is. Today we start the audition tour. It's a clean slate: we have no specific repertoire to cast [that'll happen once we hear everyone], so we're really just listening to who sounds the prettiest, strongest, best. It's a little Darwinian, I guess... every year we level the playing field and start from scratch. I think it's a good way to begin.

Today: a flight to Houston with the largest suitcase in the history of mankind (hey, it's a long tour! And mama needs her shoes...ALL of them.), tickets to a show that I've only seen on video, (You know the one, with Ruth Ann Swenson and the big book/skeleton set in the middle of the lake? Pretty cool...), and then catching up with some fab singers from seasons past, including Little Ms. Bossy and my hometahn buddy LB - GO STEELERS! Looking forward to seeing - and hearing - everyone!


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