A case of the Sunday lazies

Surprise, surprise. Rahree spending a Sunday doing nothing worthwhile? That's SO unlike her!


But today is a little different...today I used up all my energy going to the gym AND a bike ride. [I know! Rahree, are you a gym rat? What gives with the double workout?] And so an afternoon of total sloth is not only justified, but practically expected!

And while I did slack quite a bit of the day away, between football games (side note - Comcast, will you PLEASE show a freaking Steelers game once in a while? Is it really too much to ask?), reading the Sunday paper (all of it. Even the business section. Although I did only skim the stocks.) and running errands, I found little pockets of time to do good, constructive stuff. Sat at the piano for an hour and hacked around, trying to remember how to read open score (Don't drink and try this one, kids. It'll make your brain hurt.) and figuring out the chord progressions to a few pop songs that I'm singing ad nauseam. Broke out the sketchbook and drew for a while, with decent (for me) results. Thought of a story idea that I'd like to develop. (read: figure out how to write a short story so it's interesting to someone besides me. And my mom.) And made my favorite dinner, with a glass of good wine and a bite of ancho chile chocolate to polish it off. Yum!

It feels good to do some creative things, not matter how small the scale. Even while working in a creative field, so often the things I'm called upon to do have little to do with innovation or expression and more to do with supporting others' creativity, being proactive or, when I'm not doing my best, damage control. I forget that it's just as important to have creative outlets now as it was when I was singing and teaching. Creating something from nothing takes courage. Keeping my hand in, as it were, makes me a better administrator, more adaptable, better able to problem solve. And it keeps me empathetic to our artists' concerns and struggles.

So, to all of you pursuing the dream, I both salute and support you.

And for those of you with day jobs? Dude, we should totally start a band.


Dr. Bobb said…
I'm SO in your band, but only if it's linked to an eponymous cartoon show. Can I play tambourine?

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