counting down

It's the evening on October 15th.

We leave for the audition tour on October 27th.

To do before I leave?
  • Notify several cities worth of people as to whether we can hear them or not. Sigh...

  • Juggle the infinite number of requests to change audition cities/dates/times, without dropping or double-booking anyone. (Note: if you can work out a swap, by all means do so! Just make sure that both you and your switch-er notify the organization. Save me the juggling, if you care for me at all.)

  • Find audition monitors in each city...I have a bunch, but am still needing several.

  • Make sure that everything is set for this concert that I'll regretfully be missing.

  • Update info for the Board meeting.

  • Double check the audition schedule for each city.

  • Finish financial projections for the end of the year.

  • Double check hotel & flight reservations.

  • Email repertoire lists to accompanists.

  • Triple check the audition schedule for each city.

  • Print out registration forms and info sheets for each site.

  • Figure out how I'm going to pack for 2+ weeks on the road in one suitcase! And that's INCLUDING shoes.

And, of course, gotta welcome Kool Piano Woman back from her trip! Hope she brings back lots of pictures...but if she brings back breakfast, I may have to respectfully decline...


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