a day in the life

So here's an accounting of my day in the studio.

8:15 am pick up VM and NM at the Pentagon Metro Station
8:17 am coffee. cup #3 for Rahree, but it seemed really early. A little light knitting for NM
8:48am driving to the Radio Station for day #2 of recording

Now, all of the musical material for the show has already been recorded - it's taped live as part of our Discovery Series - and there's some great audience noise - laughs and applause mostly. There is of course the more-then-occassional cellophane candy wrappers. Note to self in 30 years: open the candy quickly. Quickly. It may seem momentarily obtrusive, but it's much less so than stretching out the opening over several beautiful, exposed, lyrical minutes of a beautiful piece. Really. Trust me.

9:00am waiting for the last team member at the front desk
9:15 am still waiting...
9:30 am all present and accounted for!

Usually before each session the two hosts (RK and WM) and the producer (the lovely NM) listen to the pieces being discussed. We did the listening for this show the day before, so the hosts are scanning through some last-minute research and preparing which points they want to talk about. NM is in the room to make sure that their speech is clear and concise, that their sentences have verbs, and other pesky matters. VM, BC (the engineer) and I are in the control room, which allows us to share stories, chit chat, grump about the housing market and wonder about the wild turkey population in Massachusetts. (I mean, don't they know it's almost Thanksgiving?)

10:00 am record program #1
10:50 am make a last-minute substitution to program #2 - we're punting!
11:15 am listening to program #2
12:30 pm record program #2
1:30 pm Lunch! Yay! (This is my mostest important job besides pulling research from the internets...feeding the troops. I take my job pretty seriously. This place had GREAT sandwiches)
2:00 pm listening to program #3
3:45 pm record program #3
4:05 pm everyone starts getting a little punchy... bad jokes and smack talk abound!
4:10 pm emergency chocolate break. Whew! Things were getting a little dicey! {ok, not really}
4:15 pm listening to program #4
5:40 pm record program #4
6:15 pm record radio promos for the series
6:30 pm pack up!

Time for some laundry and some rose pinot noir - which is appropriate for the upcoming Halloween holiday, and is also really yummy with a slice of pizza!


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