Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Tonight this chamber group played in the small theater. What an awesome night!

The theater itself is a rough-hewn jewel box, and one of my favorite places in the world. Vocally sympathetic, kind to strings and winds's a great place to both hear music and perform. Tonight TJ pointed out to ED that the wood in the hall was actually older than their Guarnieris... cool, huh?

The performance was amazing. Haydn - which to be honest I wasn't all that excited for, but that held everyone rapt. It sounded fresher, newer than I can remember in recent memory. Janacek - my favorite. Outstanding. Such a cool piece, so well done... I could've listened to the whole thing two or three more times. Brahms - perfectly done. (I find his quartet writing less satisfying than his bigger orchestral works - the transparency of the form is a real challenge for the performers, I fear)

My background is not so much in strings, other than violin lessons (mi-ssi-ssi-ppi HOT DOG) and a methods class for my teaching certification. That being said, these guys are a primer for all that is good in string playing and a true lesson in ensemble. They danced together, told jokes, wept... Their playing was so precise that you could see the architecture in the piece, but their playing was nuanced, warm. The range of color, the communication between players...truly inspiring. And the second violin's perfect rock-star hair moshing about in the circle was pretty cool, too.

And, as a bonus, they were just lovely folks! We were unfortunately waiting for taxis for longer than I would've liked, but I loved having the opportunity to talk candidly with them about music, audiences, recording fidelity, and the Rockies. (the baseball team, not the mountains)

They're at the top of their game. Heck, the top of THE game. And they're playing the same program at Carnegie Hall on Saturday. [tomorrow. no,wait...TODAY] Run and get tickets - they're that good.


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