Lift me up

Feeling a little downtrodden this evening, in spite of the gorgeous weather in suburban DC.

Spent the better part of the day fighting with either a financial software package that I'm not quite educated (read: smart) enough to use and splitting hairs on the audition schedule for New York, the busiest stop on our tour. This will be my second autumn in this job, and my first time doing the full tour, so I've been lucky to have a little more insight into the process and a little more access to materials. And even though I don't professionally consider myself a singer anymore, I still am most definitely a singer at heart. I want to show all of the applicants the support and encouragement that they have worked for and deserve. But there's only so many you give a familiar face one more chance or opt to hear someone who has never applied before? It depends...

(On a related note, I'm lucky to learn this business from someone who pours over applications with amazing intensity and compassion. If she struggles with these same decisions after years of screening applications, then maybe I'm going about it the right way.)

So I'm getting my mind out of the office. Listening to pop music [right now? "Guenivere" by David Crosby and "Excuses" by the John Butler Trio. Easy to sing along to. Much to my cat's chagrin...], doing the sudoku and plotting my next move in a scrabble game. And reading a fabulous review for one of our singers from the summer, a beautiful, sweet girl with pipes for days. It's a concert that I should've attended but didn't and now I'm feeling even more bummed. I'm a jerk. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Tomorrow? I am determined to exercise. Maybe some yoga...because I don't think lifting a fork loaded up with mac and cheese to my mouth as quickly as I can for a bajillion reps really counts as exercise. But I wish it did. Oh boy, do I!


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