Lissstening to Losssss Angelessss

I'm recycling this thought, as we get ready to fly to Seattle for another day of auditions.

Things I Am Thankful For:
  • Catching up with old friends in unexpected places.
  • Listening to hope (in so many forms) via Mozart, Puccini, Verdi. And via Sister Mary Ignatius, Blue Window, and John Raitt. Thank you to all the folks who opened their hearts to us... we are thankful.
  • Experiencing gracious hospitality in a terribly personal manner. I am so grateful to the Lee family for opening their home to us, and making us feel like family. I can't wait to come back to LA!
  • Greek Food. How amazing was dinner this evening!?
  • Opportunities... to know friends in a different environment. To know more about people that I think are interesting.
  • To learn how to spell my name in the Georgian alphabet. It's really pretty, and I wish I could show you.
  • To see photos of friends' most important memories, and hear the stories that accompany them.
The life of a professional singer or coach is so're in close contact for 5-6 weeks, and then you may not see that beloved friend for months or even years. It is a true gift to have the time to catch up, to share those things that are most important. Would that I had more than 1 day...

And so I say, in LaLaLand, that I am thankful, a la Blanche Du Bois, for the kindness of strangers, the courage of artists, and the tenacity of love. Je t'aime, L.A.


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