odds and ends, in no specific order

  • Once again, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have good girlfriends, and strong, fun role models in work and life. No big epiphanies or major occurrences...just feeling appreciative and grateful.

  • Productive evening: finally backed up my iTunes. (only took an hour - gotta get crackin'!) And hung all the diplomas. And the new photos. And did some laundry. Whew! To celebrate? Drank a nice glass of white wine. Mmmm....
  • Trying to decide between:
    • doing some work at home tonight
    • practicing for rehearsal tomorrow {argh...Lukas Foss...slower tempo markings, please!}
    • watching bad tv and surfing the internet more than i should
    • going to bed early and doing some yoga before work tomorrow

  • Ate my weight in polenta for dinner. And lived to tell.

  • I have been protesting the heat wave in October. I have registered a formal complaint with JM regarding the weather and I guess he's been working on it, because there has surfaced a rumor on weather.com that maybe, just maybe, it'll pass. By tomorrow. (!)Or by this weekend at the latest. If it happens I will owe Herr M big time. Maybe I'll let him borrow all my pretty cable-knit tights...

  • What to get Mom for her birthday? {Mom, no reading the blog until after your birthday, ok?}
Tomorrow? Getting those scheduling emails out to auditioners. Last year we had around 650 folks apply. This year? I'm ballparking close to 1,000. Does that mean that more folks are finding out about out us? Or that there are more folks singing at a higher level? Either way, it bodes well for this little art form that we all love so much.


emily said…
Just browsing...

We are feeling this heat wave crap in Ohio, too. It was finally cool enough for a sweatshirt this morning. For that, I'm thankful.

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