thoughts, unordered

  • Went for a glorious walk yesterday. Took my prescription sunglasses, and noticed how my perspective shifted when I wore them. In the shade I was focused on my feet, scanning the ground for acorns and pretty rocks. In the sun I was able to take in more of the scenery, more of the world around me. Both perspectives were beautiful, in really different ways. Assignment: translate that little observation into how I conduct myself on a daily basis.

  • In the studio for the next few days. Challenge: fitting all of the out-of-towners into my tiny 2-door coupe for the short trip from the metro station to the studio. May have to tie someone to the roof...

  • Audition tour begins in less than a week. Challenge: packing. O.M.G.
  • Went to a beautiful farm in northern Maryland yesterday to meet the newest member of the family. We have 4th pick of this litter, but truth be told I would take any of them. I would take all of them, actually. We spent almost two hours with these little guys, and I could've seriously stayed all day, they were that cute. Watch out, is going to change!

  • On the docket for today? Shopping for the trip, some half-hearted house hunting (read: nosing around other people's homes. I love it!), and a literal walk in the park.

  • TLLT's posting about rainbows. I love this site!


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