Sadly, nothing interesting to report today...I'm feeling both a little under the weather and terribly blah, and am staring at a total mess of a house. Lack of content (But Rahree! That's never stopped you from posting before!) + craptastic self and house = reeeeeeaaalllly short post. I'll try to get inspired and write something worth reading soon.

My five for today:
  1. Clementines! Little tiny bits of goodness that remind me of the holidays AND summer at the same time.
  2. Crock pots. They're awesome. You didn't know it, but I'm cooking right now.
  3. Playing the "what if?" game.
  4. Good friends who will overlook your disaster-of-a-house to play with your puppy.
  5. Curling up with a good book or a bad movie.
Have a good evening, all.


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