Cincinnati hates my guts

Today's post is a short one, as I have commandeered my lovely boss' computer to write my blog entry. [It's my comeuppance for looking down on PCs...and I won't say she's gloating, but she'd certainly be justified.] My macbook has turned, overnight, into a doorstop. Tomorrow morning at 10 am I will be walking into the Apple store in suburban Virginia, arms outstretched, dead computer in my arms, sobbing and wailing and gnashing my teeth until a Genius resurrects it.

I may be there aaaaallll day.

Today we finished the Cincinnati Studio auditions, and have started to talk about concrete possibilities... the short list has been whittled from a jillion possibilities to less than twenty, which is heartening. And the Tall Building Tour continues, with photos from the Carew Tower in downtown Cinici to come soon. But we leave the midwest this afternoon, and head back to the DC area. And not a moment too soon - I'm afraid that Cincinnati might fry every piece of electronics I own if I don't get out of town fast!

Here's my five:
  1. The first flurries of the year
  2. The last airplane ride of the tour
  3. Homecomings
  4. Belly laughs
  5. Eggs. Dis - ***-oriented. And all the other sayings that have made it into my personal vernacular.

With any luck, I'll be back tomorrow.


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