Go to bed, Rahree.

The house has been - I think! - puppy proofed. I still need to pick up the correct food (I have 20# of the wrong food in the trunk of my car. If anyone's interested in free Iams Large Breed, call me!)and a travel crate from a friend before heading up to Mt. Airy, Maryland tomorrow morning to pick up the puppy. We got a call on the house phone tonight - a rarity, as we use our cell phones so much that the landline is only helpful to telemarketers and calling for pizza - from a family in our "neighborhood" (within 5 miles of us) who adopted a pup from the same breeders we did. They wanted to know if we wanted to get our pups together for a play date. I am totally charmed! Imagine! A stranger calling up to see if your puppy would want to play with theirs! How cool! People are cool! And so are their dogs!

Ok, it's really time for me to go to bed. Not so much with the making-sense this evening. Cumulative fatigue has set in...

But before I go? An extra Five for the day...because I'm feeling extra thankful

  1. Impending puppy, and all the good and bad that accompany it. (Kissing the whole sleeping-in thing goodbye after this evening...)
  2. Sharing.
  3. New-to-me music.
  4. A cool job and a great boss. (lucky when you get both, eh?)
  5. Getting back in touch.


me said…
Can't wait for the cuteness overload with post-puppy-posts! Good luck and may all your pretty shoes stay un-chewed and upstairs!

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