If it's Tuesday, it must be Cincinnati...

I'm losing track of what day-of-the-week it is, which city we're in, who I've corresponded with or unintentionally ignored, when bills are due...I'm pretty much a hot mess with random arias swirling around in my head. Lots of opera, lots of talented singers, lots of hard decisions...

I am going to self-reference an earlier post about what I think makes good audition wear. Ladies, bulges are not attractive! There have been several guilty parties on the last few audition days in multiple cities, and it must stop. We do not need to see panty lines, belly-buttons or the like. Heavier fabrics, better hose, hell, even a pair of spanx will help you look more polished and keep our eyes where they belong...I'm not saying that I'm not facing the same challenges that you are - heck, compared to many of you I'm looking at much larger hurdles. But this is a business - put yourself under an unflattering overhead fluorescent light [And we all know which department stores have the worst ones...] and take a good look at yourself. It's hard, but those of you who look professional convey a greater sense of authority and maturity, and allow us to concentrate more fully on your artistic merits. Because let's face it; if we're thinking about your outfit more than we're listening to your aria, well, then neither party is really doing their job, right? Clinton and Stacy are rude and crude, but you need a tough-love friend like that to help you prep your package.

Lecture over. Mom has left the building.

Here's my five for today. It's a little late, but I couldn't quite get my act together to post this morning.

  1. Crazy dreams. (I dreamt that I had been tatooed from mid-calf to toe with colorful, symbolic designs. I didn't remember actually agreeing to the ink or having it done, but I was OK with the result. Weird.)
  2. Bad late-night movies. This is one of my all-time favorites. Don't judge.
  3. Beauty
  4. Good looking buns
  5. Trivial pursuit. I totally suck at this game, but when I know an answer I feel like a million bucks.
Until tomorrow...sleep well.


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