A great day today! Familiar faces, some arias that were totally new to me, and a big reminder that while my ears are largely uncooked, my basic instincts are fairly sound. Boy, do I have a lot to learn, but I'm happy to have the opportunity to do so with some first rate musicians. Don't call me Pollyanna, but I am totally a lucky girl.

Other notes:
  • Thursday is the new humpday. We're halfway done, although the majority of the traveling is finished. Starting to get some ideas about the summer, and it's pretty exciting.

  • Times Square? Is always packed full of people. Always. This country girl can't quite handle it.
  • Today's audition update? Lots of black in the room today. Don't start mourning so soon, folks! Be brave enough to wear color - it helps us to remember who you are!
  • In my real life I'm a total tv junkie, but on this trip not so much. I think I've turned on the tube once, to watch the Steeler game. (We'll part of the Steeler game. It was Monday night, and late, and if I watch the whole thing they'll always lose... it's a fact.) I'm feeling more than a little virtuous about it: have seen operas and sights around town, walked all over, had great conversations. I might swear off the idiot box for good! Or at least until I make it home...
  • As a poor surrogate for TV? YouTube. Check out this, this and this. And send me links...I might soon eschew traditional cable for 3 minute snippets of home video.
  • Met the lovely and talented LDM (She was my wife once in grad school. If you have to ask, well, then you don't really know opera, do you?) at Sardi's, of
  • "Well, I bet you go to Sardi's. That's wonderful." "What's so wonderful? You can make a pot roast - that's wonderful!" fame. There are caricatures and drawings throughout the restaurant, and the bartender makes a mean Cosmo. I will now cross this particular tourist attraction off of my list! Walked back up to midtown and had a good, honest talk; actually said some things out loud that I didn't know I could. Good stuff!
  • Met two beauties, LM and ACB on the West Side for munchies this evening. The community that my boss has fostered/created in VA is just lovely, and it's always nice to re-connect with folks outside the madness that is summer at WT. While the picture is dark, it's a pair of concentric onion rings...pretty AND tasty, folks!

I have melted into a puddle on the couch, and in the interest of sleeping in as late as possible tomorrow, here are my five:

  1. honest conversation
  2. dark chocolate and caramel
  3. reconnecting
  4. Rossini and Mozart and Handel
  5. silly movies
Looking forward to more auditions


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