monday morning.

Wow...I was hoping that I'd be smarter after a few days away from work, but I think the opposite has happened. Sorry. I've been spending my time watching the puppy, watching the cat watch the puppy, watching the puppy pee on the floor... it's been terribly exciting.

I will say that it's been interesting watching the cat and dog negotiate a truce. The cat is curious, but his nose is more than just a little out of joint. He wants to play with the pup, but isn't quite sure how to, exactly. The puppy thinks the cat is the strangest puppy he's ever seen. They circle each other, the puppy tries to pounce on the cat, the cat swats at the pup's tail when he's otherwise occupied...they're figuring it out, but there are lots of misunderstandings and surprises. But they still seem pretty open to each other: the cat isn't hiding, and the pup keeps trying to get a good sniff of the cat.

Going in to the office feeling a little bit of guilt for leaving the pup home, and cannot even imagine how difficult it must be to leave a baby. To all my mommy friends - brava, brava brava!


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