NaBloPoMo: Seattle

Today is the official start of NaBloPoMo! Like some many others I started this mostly to start writing, and wanted a place when I controlled the content [or, evidently, lack thereof] and could get used to getting my thoughts out in English, rather than the gobbledeegook that rolls around my head. I'm not sure if it's been successful or not, but I think I'll continue at least for a while more.

We are hearing singers in the lovely town of Seattle today. After the coffee-less nadir that was out Houston hotel, I am feeling much more civilized this morning. Saw the city from the top of the Space Needle last night, had churros at a nearby restaurant that were divine...if today matches yesterday, we will be in good shape indeed! (Or at least I'll be well-fed, which is almost the same thing.) It's my first time in many of these cities on this tour, and I'm enjoying the mix of singing and sightseeing very much. It's really hard to be jaded when your days are filled with good music, beautiful scenery and good company!

After the singing today, dinner with Cousin Sue and repacking the bags for Chicago, that toddling town!


djhenze said…
Your cell phone called me last night.... I could hear you laughing in the background but it was clear you didn't meant to call. Sounded like you were having fun....
djhenze said…
You may be surprised to hear you called our house last night. I could hear laughing in the background - it sounded like Seattle was fun!


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