Odds and ends

Audition observations o' the day:
  • Interludes - don't tune out. We can tell volumes about your knowledge of a piece and your acting skills by watching you when you're not singing. It also gives us a glimpse into whether or not you're a collaborator in the ways that you respond to your pianist... think about it.
  • Eyes closed - I had lunch with a friend who also just happens to be an opera director. We talked a little about this, and his comment was "But you only have 10 minutes to communicate who you are to a panel, and eye contact is the primary method that you have - your eyes should be open all the time!" Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Do not fear color. Burgundy is a big one this fall, with some guys looking very chic in black suits and burgundy shirts. And there have been lovely dresses in plums and greens. And it's way easier for us to recall you in our discussions if we can say "the soprano in the blue dress," as opposed to "the soprano in the black dress. No, the one in the long sleeves who sang quando m'en vo. No, not the one wearing the pearls, the other one with the sparkly necklace..."
One more day of auditions in New York, and then a laundry day back home in DC. This particular tour has been jam-packed not only with auditions, but with meetings with conductors and directors, colleague visits and the like. I've not quite managed to spend time with everyone I was hoping to, and I'm pretty bummed about it. Let's hope that it doesn't take me a year to get back to NYC!


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