Random thoughts

Struggling a little to make sentences tonight. Work was a little distracting today, primarily because I'm still trying to remember how to sit behind a desk without anyone singing at me... I found a million excuses to wander around the building, some officially sanctioned, some of my own invention. There are lots of meetings, and lots of holiday events to plan/prepare for/attend, lots of opportunities for me to leave my office. Tomorrow? All about clearing through some of the noise and getting some things done. I hope.

We had a big meeting that reinforced several things for me: firstly, that I have real difficulties leaving emotion outside of the meeting room. I know on an intellectual level that everyone brings emotion into high-level meetings, but when voices rise there's a primal part of my brain that wants to either slink away and eat my weight in junk food, or jump on the table and assert how correct I am, and how the other party is smoking crack. And, while it might be amusing after the fact, I'm not sure that my little binge/victory dance would actually help accomplish anything. Secondly, that I have two really great role models. Professional, articulate, calm... they make it look easy.

Some things that I'm loving:
  • Chocolate-covered pecans. with the salt still on the pecans. Deadly, in the most dee-lish way!
  • Robert Goulet. He's come up in conversations a lot lately...
  • ABC's Pushing Daisies. It's a sweet spin on star-crossed lovers, has beautiful cinematography, and every once in a while they let Kristin Chenoweth sing. Gotta love it when the dead girl gets the guy.

And my five:
  1. Dreams.
  2. Silliness.
  3. The aforementioned salted chocolate-covered pecans.
  4. Thick wooly socks.
  5. Getting into the holiday spirit, a little bit at a time.
And some things that I need:
  • A good new book to read.
  • Inspiration.
  • A serious trip to the gym/yoga class/pilates class.
  • Courage.
  • More laughter!


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