Oh, going back to work is a treat. Mondays RAWK!


The pile of papers on my desk? Huge. But comprised of teeny-tiny receipts, invoices, correspondence. It's like confetti, but losing a piece results in a biiiig problem.

Leaving the puppy at home? Tragic. For me - the pup was just fine. How could he live for minutes - nay, HOURS - without me?!? He is totally conked out this evening, though...just when I'm ready to play!

A big part of today was all about numbers...reconciling audition expenses, totaling up the dollar amount. It's only an enjoyable part of the job on the days when A.) all the math adds up B.) I have money left over. I wish either A or B happened more often. The other part was trying to solve the casting puzzle...charts, whiteboard schematics, dry-erase markers, revisiting audio & video... It's a bit of a brick wall at this point, but we have to slog through it in short order, because so many other decisions (Studio singers, artistic personnel, production personnel) depend on the Young Artist results and need to be made and finalized before year's end.

But work is done for the day. And now? Squirmy puppy is at my feet, the Steelers are on the tube (scoreless in the 3rd quarter! I know - Shut. Up.) and I'm trying to kick my own butt at solitaire scrabble. It's not going so well, and I'm not quite sure what that says about me. (Other than maybe it's past my bedtime?) Let's see if puppy and I can stay up until the game's over, and then turn in...

My five:
  1. Not having to censor.
  2. Being valued.
  3. Manchego cheese. [so in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo, every time they mention Count Mondego I get this craving for cheese...they say his name A LOT.]
  4. Making it through uncomfortable and/or unpleasant situations.
  5. The lusciously fuzzy-sleepy feeling you get right before you fall asleep.
Here's to Tuesday being absolutely magnificient!


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