sooooo close...

I almost did it...almost managed to post every day in November. But Philadelphia broke me. Between the travel, the spotty internet service and running into some dear old friends, it just didn't happen. Sorry, internet! Maybe if I post a really, really loooong post can you count it as two? Please?

Anyway, the technology crisis of 2007 is over. (And confidential to Coloraturaaah - I tried to administer comments with my iPhone and hit the wrong button. Thank you for the note - all is well. And good luck with your G4! Make sure you close everything down when you run updates...close EVERYTHING!) I'm a little unnerved at how naked I felt without a computer for 36 hours... it really is a bit of an addiction, although much more socially acceptable than, say, crack. I will say that my newest bit of technology, my iPhone, filled the void pretty well. Next thing you know I'll get my brain hard-wired, I suppose.

We're back home today for Studio auditions in lovely Vienna, Virginia. It's nice to be back, although we've been running around for just long enough that even coming home is a little disorienting. (My cat is protesting the arrival of a sorta-familiar person who is taking up his side of the bed. He's not picketing yet, but give him some time. He's feisty.)But today we were happily ensconced in the Barns, and AMM - a true Goddess - spent the day with us and plied us with caffeine, pastries and even cheeseburgers! at normal-human intervals, so it was a terribly civilized, pleasant day.

The Studio auditions are, because they're geared for a younger student than our Young Artist auditions, very different in terms of repertoire. Studio singers are allowed to offer art songs, and I've heard several favorites from my singing and teaching days: lots by Hundley, Ricky Ian Gordon, and Quilter, RVW's Silent Noon, Copland's Why do they shut me out of heaven?... so many beautiful melodies that I remember first hearing in school. The other "wild card" in this audition is a monologue. I am a HUGE fan of offering a monologue in auditions for two reasons: it's simply not enough for singers to park and bark anymore, and it's nice to see the acting range of a singer when they can't hide behind the music. Here's one of my favorites from an earlier city on the tour. Sometimes it's easier to engage your audience in your native tongue, in the vernacular. And I must admit, after hearing a block of sad arias we certainly enjoy hearing a comic monologue!

This evening I'm happily ensconced in my living room, in my pjs, having a true veg-out evening. Two more days of Young Artist auditions coming up, followed by NPD [new puppy day!] and Turkey Day. And then several days of puzzling: looking at all the pieces (read: singers, spaces, get it) and figuring out ALL the possible options. But tonight? Football, pizza and an early bedtime. Perfect.

My five?
  1. Sunday afternoon football games.
  2. Flannel jammies.
  3. People who take care of me, even when I don't realize I need it.
  4. Raking leaves.
  5. Early bedtime.


CDN said…
That's my favorite monologue too!

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