Coffee? Check.
Newspaper? Check.
Hideously early wake-up? Check....
Good mood? Check!
The crabby Rahree of yesterday is in retreat, and Sunday Morning Rahree is happily ensconced in piles of newspapers, HGTV on the tube, cup o'joe #2 on the end table, and sleeping puppy at her feet.

I have some random things to do today before heading into the office tomorrow. It'll be the first day spent at my desk in a month, and I cannot WAIT to get some of this stuff done. For today?
  • catching up/lunching with a friend.
  • meeting one of Boo's half-brothers at the C&O Canal.
  • writing a script/bullet points to prep for some prelim phone calls at work.
For tomorrow?
  • submitting check requests for all the folks who played/monitored/consulted on the audition tour.
  • reconciling all of the petty cash we spent with the mountain of receipts we accrued.
  • contacting some folks regarding housing for next summer. [Yep. It's not too early.]
  • setting up a meeting with colleagues at work to create a social network for next summer.
  • running home to let the dog out at lunch...we'll see how he does on his first day home alone.
I tend to have really big plans for next summer at this point in the year...the excitement feels a little like Christmas for a kid. Big plans, big hopes...tempered with a little bit of realism. A very little bit of realism, honestly. It's like the opera version of the Six Million Dollar Man... stronger-faster-cleaner-cooler-louder-easier-more FANTASTIC. As a teaching colleague used to say, "Deny yourself nothing in a dream." I never do. ;)

In unrelated news, it's taken me all of 3 hours to write this paltry's amazing how much mischief these animals can get into!

My five:
  1. Crisp fall days.
  2. Cinnamon.
  3. Expectation.
  4. Alone time.
  5. Surprises. Good and bad, although I definitely prefer the good ones...


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