Thursday morning

The effect of a few hours sleep on a Grumpy McBitcherson? Priceless. I'm a whole new woman!

My morning five:
  1. happily waking up before the alarm goes off
  2. new experiences, large and small
  3. beautiful architecture
  4. reunions
  5. funky colored tights
Today's another day of auditions here in New York, and also a day of trying to catch up with the many, many folks we know in town. We'll see a few in the audition room, but we're also trying to visit with non-singers [I know - who knew?!] so we'll fill breaks and meals with meetings and meet-ups. This evening we'll be breaking bread with some more folks... There'll be lots of camaraderie, which I always look forward to, and more food, which I shouldn't necessarily look forward to as much as I do...

Have a wonderful day, all.


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