Wednesday in Cincinnati

Cincinnati reminds me, in many ways, of Pittsburgh. I'm a devotee of da 'burgh, having spent almost 15 years living in on near the city. There's something about the landscape and the grey weather that make me feel right at home.

My list of five-things-I'm-thankful-for:
  1. Reunions
  2. A hotel room large enough to do yoga in. My back is MUCH happier!
  3. Starbucks baristas who call your drink by your name. Today I think I'll be Lydia. Or Ingrid. Or Esmerelda...
  4. Autumn leaves... the colors are so striking this fall.
  5. Familiarity
We're hearing singers again in the Patricia Corbett Theater at CCM. It's a beautiful room with a great piano. Our pianist, DL, is fab: she has a wide knowledge of the repertoire, and is a master at helping less-experienced/super-nervous singers put their best foot forward. The most nerve-wracking part of the day is trying to navigate down a wide, rough asphalt path that cuts down a hill from the sidewalk above to the theater entrance below. In heels. Rahree is not known for her coordination, but she's doing OK so far...fingers crossed!

Here's to more great singing! [Am I a glutton if I'm still enjoying it? After two-and-a-half weeks?]


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