Wednesday morning list

My rolling-out-of-bed five:
  1. Crazy, vivid dreams
  2. Sunlight reflecting off mirrors
  3. Storypeople
  4. The wide-awake feeling (sans caffeine) of walking in brisk air
  5. Openness
(it's sounding a little crunchy granola today...maybe Seattle is catching up to me.)

If you have five (or one or two) you'd like to share, please do. Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said…
Sharing a one. But a big one. Pretty damn cool to have coworkers that you really genuinely miss when you are gone for a long time and then they are gone for a long time and the withdrawl really sets in and you want them to get the hell home but you're really glad they are having a good time while they are out working their butts off. Thank God for Starbucks.
djhenze said…
Being grateful every day is a great idea.... My top five at the moment:

1. Fleece pullovers
2. Pumpkin baking season - pie, bread, yummy!
3. Evening story time
4. Diego on the tivo
5. Interactive baby talk


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