delicious lethargy

There are a million gajillion things I should be doing. Cleaning, grocery shopping, buying holiday gifts, name it, and there's a good chance that I should be doing it.

But I'm not.


I've been spending the last few days catching up with friends, reading back issues of newspapers and magazines [ostensibly for gift ideas...], shaking off the funk I've been rolling around in, going to bed either unreasonably early or late, watching silly movies, and generally getting myself back in tune. And I'm almost there! (Whew!)

Took the puppy to the riverfront this morning - it was a mud-covered funfest! Good times, watching the pup running around, greeting kayakers at the landing, dipping his (huge!) paws into the river... good times, indeed!

On the docket today? Gladly, not much. A grocery store/hardware store run, maybe some chili or stew in the crockpot, a crossword puzzle and early pjs. Maybe even a little football or Jack Sparrow on the telly. Sounds perfect to me! Hope you can carve out a little time today to relax during this busy, hectic season.


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