Played a tiny bit of piano and sang a tiny bit at the office holiday party this evening. Having a project to prepare for was such fun! And I feel strongly that it's important to continue to perform [even in these tiny ways] so that I really remember, as I'm comfy behind my desk, the courage and guts it takes to get up in front of people and sing.

So, what did I learn/remember?
  • That the self-critical singer never goes away, no matter how casual the gig. It's never quite good enough, and it's one of the few aspects of my life that I feel that kind of insecurity. It may have very little to do with the actual reality...I mean, they're not going to book me as a solo act, but I don't think that they'll fire me either.
  • That the nerves don't go away either. Holy cow was I shaking!
  • That preparation is way more fun for me than the performance.
  • That the "Don't suck!" mantra does still kinda work. :)
  • That I sounded like a MILLION BUCKS in the car ride home! I could've driven around and sang in the car all night... in fact, I was seriously tempted. I could've charged money for it, I totally sounded that good.
  • My colleagues are pretty darn awesome. Lots of talent, and they play well with others... the pianists, flautists, violinist and singers were fab...I was in good company! And my non-performing colleagues? Generous and supportive.
So, to my performing friends of all stripes, I salute you!

Today goes solidly into the "Good Day" category. I mean, I made my Barns debut! How cool is that?!


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