It turned out that today was not meant for pierogi-making.

Sure, I have ten gajillion pounds of potatoes and 2 gajillion pounds of cheddar cheese, but my heart was not in it. My heart, evidently, was very much into playing with the puppy in the frigid air, watching good-bad movies [as opposed to really bad movies or good movies that i should like but that leave me totally cold...] like the first REAL Star Wars [with a hunky young Harrison Ford...i miss him] and the Mummy, catching up on this season's Project Runway, and making a big pot of stew in the crock pot. But don't fret, my pierogi-lusting amici... for pierogi made without love are not real pierogi. Loveless pierogi are lead weights encased in dough, and they make you grumpy and irritable and fat. Whereas the real, lovey-dovey ones make the eater happier, slimmer, cheerier, better looking and richer.

It's the truth.

So I'm postponing until next weekend, so's I can spread the love, rather than the grump.

Otherwise today?
  • Still trying to figure out a new 30-day project.
  • Most years my time outside is limited to a walk to the car...more time outside in the chill with Mr. Piddles is making me 1.) acknowledge how lucky I am that my basic needs are met and 2.) making me look around for ways to help those whose are not. I know it's a big time of year for grass-roots philanthropy, but I still want to do something.
  • Sleeping on the couch with puppy, as he's totally asleep, and I tend to sleep through any middle-of-the-night crying.
C'est tout.


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