Ph. D. in procrastination

So I'm happy to say that I am TOTALLY in the holiday spirit. It took a while, but I am happily listening to carols and feeling generally jolly.

But I haven't done a single thing.

Baking? Nope.
Pierogi? Nope.
Decorating? Nope.
Gift-shopping? Nope.

Wait! I did send half of my Christmas cards! But only half...

So this weekend is aaaaaallllll about me getting my proverbial backside in gear. If it was a perfect weekend, here's what I'd do:

After work today?
  • pierogi filling
  • Christmas cards, part deux
  • make the big list for presents

  • long walk/playtime with pup
  • gym [please? you know it's bad when I want to go...]
  • pierogi construction
  • hit the mall with hubby and totally knock out the shopping list[this is a recipe for total disaster, but in my perfect world it'll totally work out. Deny yourself nothing in a dream, right?]
  • leisurely morning, with Sunday paper and boatloads of coffee
  • baking?
  • more shopping?
  • yoga
Sounds lovely, right?

And, in true procrastination fashion, in writing this tiny post I am now totally running late for work! Eeeek! 'Bye, all!


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