Playing hooky

So I've been out of the office for several days, eating bon bons and being pampered with pedicures and massages and the like. I love "work."

Just kidding!

I have been out of the office, but have simply traded my woodland digs for a temporary office in Shirlington. We're in the home stretch of the last day of recording final programs for our radio show, Center Stage from Wolf Trap. The hosts, BMc and RK, have listened to hours of music and are able to spontaneously weave together interesting banter that's as fun to listen to as the "hot tunes" themselves. Because they're pros, they're able to remember and correct their phrases on the fly...I find it amazing, as thoughts drop out of my mind as soon as I voice them. (Sometimes sooner. ) The music is really eclectic, ranging from ethereal Japanese wind music from Michio Miyagi to Kurt Weill's sexy cabaret tunes and including fine chamber music chestnuts from Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart. It's a great mix, and the aural satiety I'm feeling is amplified by the tasty lunch from Shirlington Thai...I'm fat and happy in my chair, researching various tiny tidbits for inclusion on air and checking email. Watching these programs pull themselves together is a wonderful way to spend a few cold winter days! I'm back in the office tomorrow, doing some interviews and catching up on some end-of-the-year paperwork before the holidays.

And in other news? The pierogi are made. All 13 dozen of 'em. Whew! I would've taken pictures of my flour-caked kitchen, but my hands were so gooped up that I didn't dare touch the camera. It's an involved process: making the potato & cheese filling one day, making the dough [it's a soft, sticky dough, hence the goopy hands], rolling it out, cutting, filling and sealing each one and then boiling them. It's not difficult, but it is time consuming. But, and I say this with all sincerity, each one was made with love. So they should taste pretty good!

Step aside Mrs. T. There's a new Polish lady in town.


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