Pushing the envelope

I've gone on record as being non-confrontational to the extreme. My pets, on the other hand, have no such hang-ups. For example: most of my neighbors are reasonable people and think that exuberant, small puppies are totally adorable and must be cuddled. The pup gets all kinds of lovin' from my neighbors. But there's one neighbor in particular who could totally do without out the pup. He's from another country, and often places business calls on his front stoop at odd hours, as cell phone signals are notoriously absent from the 'hood. He's a busy guy with a really deep voice.

The pup thinks he is the coolest human EVER.

Puppy has practically sniffed all of the smell out of this man's lawn. If he's outside on a call? Must be waiting for the pup! If he's inside? Well, the pup will wait outside his door, patiently, for him to emerge. And me? Well, imagine the above scene with a soundtrack of, "C'mon, puppy! C'mere! Let's go. Pup. Come ON. NOW." as a kind of ostinato, and you've got it.

This poor dude is probably ultra-tired of his two stalkers. Especially the one who walks upright and should know better.


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