Not as in a Steeler touchdown [although those are usually followed by an exclamation point, too], but as in touching down at home for 36 hours before hitting the road again. After the multiple Christmas dinners [and boy, were they good! A little too good...the pants are WAY snug.], I'm heading to the left coast for some r&r. My hopes for the trip are:
  • easy flights
  • some good vino from here and here
  • a nice dinner here
  • ringing in the New Year with these guys ...I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy hope they play "opera singer" [hmmm...I'm sensing a theme for the trip...CakeTour2007?]
  • remembering my camera. and not the phone camera, but the real camera so's I can actually take some decent pictures. (and continue the Tall Building Tour in EM's honor!)
Off to run some errands and do a mountain of laundry before a crack-of-dawn flight tomorrow. If there's something I shouldn't miss seeing in San Fran, drop me a line!

To all 5 of you who read this [hi Mom!], I hope that 2008 brings you joy, good health, and busloads of laughter. And I hope that the one thing that you really really want, (even if your head doesn't know you want it yet, and your heart can't quite say exactly what it is), is given to you this year.



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