apropos of nothing

thank you, Sheryl Crow, for the perfect title, reflecting both my love of frothy pop driving music and the lack of content in this post.

  • the puppy was ALL shades of wound up when I got home. Put the "light classical" cable channel on - Vivaldi, natch - and the dog is asleep in 5 seconds. Coincidence? You decide.
  • I'm not OCD in any of the helpful ways: detail oriented-ness, eye-like-a-hawk proofreader-ness, everything-has-its-proper-place-ness...all of the good ones. But I do still have a touch of it, in the I-have-to-listen-to-that-song-until-I-can-sing-every-word-without-messing-it-up-ness, or the let-me-do-it-until-I-have-it-right-ness. But it's really only relevant with pop music, significant doodle art and jack-knife dives, and other things that are all-too-amazingly important for amazingly brief periods of time.
  • again and again, I am astounded by the variety of friends that I've been blessed with. I'm not sure I'm cool enough to hang out with you folks, but I'm glad you let me tag along.
  • i bought one of these, and frankly am a little startled at the impulse... stay tuned for details.
  • i. love. augusten. burroughs. i don't think i'd probably be able to have a satisfying conversation with him at a party or anything, but i do dig his stories. I feel saner reading him.
More on work, summer 2008, and other stuff n' junk soon. I promise.


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