There's something about this time of year...lots of time spent indoors, less-than-hospitable weather, quiet days at work... that bring out my inner daydreamer.

Now I'm very much aware of how lucky I am...I love my job, my hubby, my family and friends, and my life in general. I have fun and am positively challenged on a regular basis.

But I love to play "what if."

What if I won the lottery?
What if I had a successful second (wait, third.) career as a songwriter? Private investigator? Nascar driver?
What if I started training for a marathon? (HAhahahahahahahahaha! Good one.)
What if (without ever practicing, natch) someone famous overheard me singing and declared me the new big thing?

There's something energizing about removing boundaries, and seeing myself and my future as being full of possibilities. Granted, it was easier to daydream about the future when I was a little younger and had fewer expectations, and fewer still realizations about what was important to me and how to steward those integral beliefs and priorities... it was a method of figuring out where I fit in the world and how to choose which paths to take. But trying on different mental wardrobes and seeing how they feel, even when I'm feeling pretty fulfilled, is something I enjoy and ultimately helps me figure out long-term goals. I probably don't do it often enough.

But, funny thing, my afternoon is wiiiiiiiide open.

I think I'll start by imagining how I'm going to spend my millions from the winning lottery ticket that I haven't purchased...


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