finer points

I am surrounded by the sounds of snoring... canine, feline and human. (wait - didn't Simon Garfunkel write a song about that? Hello darkness, my old friend...) And it's not even 11:00 pm. Ah, yes, the Rahree household is just one big party, all the time! One of the great things about a small house is knowing where everybody is... but it can get a little noisy at peculiar times.

Work is good - I'll be spending the next week or two writing contracts.
Some have already gone out, some are ready to be sent, and some I need to rewrite from scratch. This time of year really drives home the collaborative nature of this business. Now, when I say "collaboration" you may be thinking of the rehearsal room, of coachings with pianists and singers, of the sitzprobe. But the real collaborations begin in the many meetings where we set the language that defines our relationship with our artists and the public language surrounding our performances. Every word is important is both of these ventures: the broad brush strokes that we usually "paint" with are traded in for specific, fine-tuned vocab. [Not unlike this little venture...hahahaha!] Again, I am blessed to work with folks who are both detail-oriented and patient enough to spend time teaching me to use an eyeliner rather than a paint roller. Boy, do they have their work cut out for them! {I promise, I can be taught...}

And one of the things that is making time fly by in the office? These guys. Little Ms. Bossy had them up in her sidebar for months, and I finally listened. And fell in lurve. I may need to make a habit of musically stalking the lovely LMsB! Other new recs? Him and Her and Him and Her.

Tomorrow? Hoping for a bon mot or two, enough focus to plug away at the big projects on my desk, and a little bit of chutzpah. Just because.


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