it's a really really really cool opera. really. you should come see it.

Aaaaahhhh... Saturday!

I'm happily ensconced on the couch after taking the pup for a little walk in the snow.

It's lovely to have an extra day of weekend!

While work is not crazy in the sense of millions of projects/cast of thousands that we see in the summer, it still has its share of challenges.

While our season isn't public yet [spoiler alert: it's going to be AWESOME!] we have a gazillion mailers, fliers, ads, and email pieces to create copy for, find representative artwork for [even though we don't yet know what the design concepts will be...] and proof for early spring deadlines. Writing ad copy is definitely not something they teach in music school, although they probably should. I know the pieces we're "selling" are unique, super-cool and not-to-be-missed, but it's hard to sum an opera with its inherent plot twists, complex characters and foreign language up in one cliche-free sentence that is as compelling for both the opera buff as the novice. [Being short and sweet fits me well in person, but my writing style? Not so much.] And since I will probably spend a good portion of the weekend watching advertising float across my TV screen, I can hope that maybe some concise wittiness will work its way into my subconscious, and that I'll create some brilliant copy on Tuesday!

Deny yourself nothing in a dream, folks.

This weekend, other than staying inside so's to not freeze my tuckus off, is full of laundry, puppy time, and hubby's birthday. And, since it's Saturday, I think I'll have another cup of coffee in front of the tube and catch up on some commercials... stay warm, y'all.


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