making plans

I know it's necessary to plan.

Schedules. Finances. Goals. All important.

But so often it seems like all the planning is for naught. Or that the planning overshadows the actual outcome. Or that the end result is so amazingly removed from the plan, that everything would've been easier had there not been a plan in place.

And some of the people I find most intriguing are those who have no plan. No agendas, and complete freedom to be 'in the moment.' They make me jealous.

Could I live without a plan? Could simply living be plan enough?

Wow. Deep.
Move over Jack Handey...


ACB said…
One of the Bird Family maxims is "You make a plan so you'll have something to change."

Plans are good. Holding too firmly to said plans is the problem. Another Bird Family maxim is "Flexibility is the key to air power." Technically, that's taken from an Air Force Officers' handbook, but you see the general usage?

Roll with the punches, baby... Hey, in four months we can start making plans to have a drink at Clyde's! :)
rahree said…
My rational mind totally inner [well, maybe not so inner] adolescent is still not convinced. But, I am making some tentative plans...they're easier to make when I put "tentative" in front of them!

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