On today's docket?

Long walk with pup - check! [he's passed out in a puppy puddle - not a piddle puddle, but a puddle of sleepy puppy - against the front door.] He's very much the Romeo, as he wants to love up everyone we meet, human or animal. It's hard to tell a 40 pound energizer bunny that maybe the approaching jogger doesn't want to stop for some puppy love. Personally? I think those joggers are crazy to pass up puppy lovin', but that's just me. The park is beautiful this time of year, austere, quiet...

Retail therapy with CC in G'town. I used to sing at a church near the university, and spent quite a bit of time in the neighborhood. Since leaving the job I haven't found too many excuses to visit, but an afternoon window shopping [for merchandise and imaginary-real-estate] with a new friend sounds like heaven.

And then? Nada... aaaaahhhhh...


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