without language

I've probably started a half-dozen posts, and run out of words. Or, rather, not been able to find the correct words. So let me sum up thusly:

Full of good stuff, with the occasional irritation or frustration. Made lots of good friends, reconnected with several buddies from the past, saw a number of new-to-me cities, including Houston, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Cincinnati and San Francisco. Heard a number of concerts, operas, and an audition or hundred. (2007 had a great soundtrack!) Got a puppy. Watched several good pals grapple with big issues and events, happy and tragic, and wished desperately that I could've done more or been closer or just waved my magic wand to make everything all better. (Dang, I wish I could remember where I put that blasted thing!)

It was, all in all, a good year.

2008, you have some big shoes to fill... but I'm hoping you're up for the challenge.


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