remembrance 2

My dad was a bit of a practical joker.

(I have exactly one picture of my folks together that he's not putting bunny or moose ears on my mom.)

Here's one of my favorite stories:
When my dad and mom were dating, they both taught at the same high school. There was another teacher, Jane Hair, whose classroom was in between and who was instrumental in my folks dating and marrying. My dad would visit my mom's classroom, and when he left and passed Jane's room he'd slam her door, and run back to his room. When Jane walked into the hallway to see which student had slammed her door, my dad would be sitting quietly at his desk, reading his paper, and would innocently ask Jane how she was doing...

...with a big, shitty smile on his face.

Over the last 3 days, my mom, my brother and I have all been at one time or another locked into or out of rooms in the house. I got stuck on the back porch (in the COLD) for an hour on Sunday morning. Mom got locked into their bedroom right before the funeral (which would've totally irked my dad, as he's always ridiculously early for everything). My little brother went outside to get firewood and found himself scratching at the back door last night to be let inside. And although I'm still crying at the drop of a hat, I can't help but think that's he's reminding us to laugh a little, and that he's still very much here.

Love you, daddy.


Anonymous said…
And now we know where you get your snarkiness from.

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