It's Friday, and the Rahree household is hopeful that the weekend will be less eventful (read: gross) than last. Cautious optimism is definitely the name of the game.

I'm heading in to work a little late today, so the pup and I took a long walk in the park. I'm thankful that he didn't decide to go after the ducks and geese we saw, but his strength combined with my equivalent lack thereof is making the need for training plenty clear. He's already walking me more than vice-versa!

These folks are concertizing this evening and I'm "working" the concert, which essentially means I need to be on hand in case something goes wrong. I'm not sure what exactly I'd do if something did, but I guess I'd figure it out. (Hopefully!) They're doing a program tied to Ovid's Metamorphoses with an actor, so I'm pretty excited to see it. I really dig the chamber music concerts, as the theater is perfect for these intimate events. There was an interesting piece in the NYT regarding instrumental performances...I wonder if it's a symptom of our societal preoccupation of visual stimulii that has created a more kinetic performer, or if the movement is a means for some players to access a more musical performance.

Other events on the docket for the weekend? Blessed few. Walking away from contracts for a bit, and instead contemplating burning this and this and this to cd for my car, and downloading this amazingly guilty pleasure. You can take the girl out of the Eighties, but...


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