Lessons from Boo

I have a lot to learn, and Boo has lots to teach, despite a limited vocabulary and a propensity to run around without any clothes on. (Boo, not me, you sickos!) Here's some of the latest lessons we're working on:

1. Some things can't be rushed. There are spots that need more than just a passing sniff. The best sticks are the ones that are soooo big that you can only carry them two or three steps before lying down to chew the bejeezus out of them. Rush past them, and you're missing a really gratifying experience... not always a pleasant experience, but one that helps us grow.

2. It's ok to get excited - crazy, googly-moogly-eyed nuts over something totally wonderful. It's the kind of excited that makes Boo run like a madman after jumping into the cold water of the canal, and then make a beeline back to the same muddy spot. The kind of excited that makes high school kids roll their eyes, because it's so uncool. Unbridled joy? Passion? Totally cool.

3. Let your guard down. The best treats come when you're not expecting them.

4. Everyone is worth a good sniff.

5. Get enough sleep. (If you're Boo, that's half the day, easy.)

6. Try something new. Maybe you're a stick chewer, but one day a rock or a branch of pine needles is looking kinda tasty...mix it up a little bit.

7. Take advantage of the good stuff while you can. There's never any kibble left in the dish after breakfast, or dinner.

8. It doesn't hurt to ask. We all know that the couch is WAY more comfortable than the floor, and sometimes we can get away with napping on the couch. But no one's going to put us on the couch - we have to get there ourselves.

9. Kisses are good and should be given often.

10. Happiness is contagious.

I'm not ready to take a test yet on these, but Boo is a patient teacher. We're all still dealing with losing Dad, - now that things are blooming I find myself wanting to call him daily to ask gardening advice. Duh. But work is picking up, and that's exciting.

And a side note to all the friends who have called - thank you. I may not have called back - phone calls have felt really awkward lately,( or wait, maybe that's me feeling awkward! )- but you've made me feel so much better by calling. I promise to call back soon, but be forwarned, I'll probably sound, well, awkward.


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